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Large as well as small consultancies love Cinode.

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"Cinode has cut the turnaround time from identified business opportunity to won project. Our consultants have the right tools to be sales people.

We have achieved higher utilization and increased the engagement of our consultants.

All employees have access to business information and can more easily help each other."



Cinode makes it simpler and easier to efficiently run your consultancy. Consultants can easily present themselves and keep their skills and experience up-to-date. It is easy to find and select the matched talent for your assignments. Your complete skills inventory is just one click away.

Business opportunities are up-to-date and transparent for sales and delivery. Interlinked and coordinated so that your organization has the right information to act upon your opportunities. When recruiting with Cinode, you and your candidates interact in a smooth communication channel, from first contact to on-boarding. It is just as easy to manage your partners and sub-contractors.


With Cinode, you always know when to act. Potential assignments are communicated so that sales and delivery are coordinated and can act without delay. Cinode finds the right consultant with the appropriate experience and availability. Do you have business partners, or potential candidates in your recruitment process who can be part of the resourcing plan?

Aligned and appealing consultant profiles are quickly created, customized for the assignment or the request. Cinode gives you the overview you need – from new business opportunities to updated and visualized resource plans – regardless if you staff the assignment with your employees or engage subcontractors as part of the solution.


Cinode enables you to manage relationships with colleagues, customers and partners.

As your partner or sub-contractor, it will be easy to receive and act upon your business requests. Your customers and partners receive the information they need to act quickly and on the move.

Engagement and proactivity increases when your corporate data turns social and available - for your employees, partners, sub-contractors and candidates.


Steady growth requires both planning and agile management. With Cinode, you can see both current and future consultant availability as well as the skills needed in future projects. What is the complete talent spectrum and who is in the recruitment pipeline?

Cinode gives you the tools to manage the gap and act to remain a strong competence partner.

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